Photo Event in London 24 February 2018

On Saturday, February 24, 2018. Photo Event in PRO IMAGE STUDIO in London, United Kingdom, was organized by Shop-Mind Reflection LTD belonging by Mind Reflection LTD , which was attended by Magnificent Photographers, Models, Makeup Artists and Hairdressers.


            Lukasz Malec                           Organiser

            Joanna Malec                          Organiser

            Mateusz Piasecki                    Organiser

            Bożena Anna Janiak              Organiser

            Mariusz Wieleba                    Photographer

            Milena Wilamek                     Photographer

            Katarzyna Pelowski               Photographer

            Adrian Filipiak                       Photographer

            Anna Woźniak                        Photographer

            Anita Walkowska-Hopcia    Photographer

            Marcin Hopcia                       Photographer

            Anna Kuciaba                        Photographer

            Piotr Soczówka                      Photographer

            Piotr Dziedzic                        Photographer

            Adam Żurek                           Photographer

            Kamil Lemieszewski            Model

            Suan-Li Ong                          Model

            Anna Pobidel                         Model

            Maja Kureczko                      Makeup artist

            Monika Balcer                       Makeup artist

            Sara Strauss                           Hairdresser

We thank everyone for participating and invite you to the next events 😉

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